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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 26, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening. i'm ama daetz. a fire is threatening several homes. the sand fire tripled in size to 4,000 acres. firefighters have it about 20% can t contained. the fire is dangerous to plymouth. about 700 more have been evacuated. those residents are stressed sitting and waiting for
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firefighters to get the upper hand. >> it's scary, it's really scary now. >> i have confidence in them. i think we'll get this knocked down. having patience and working with them. >> winds helped the fire spread making it unpredictable. another fire burning near yosemite forced about 50 homes to evacuate. here is new video of a fire that nearly reached several homes in san jose today. it started after 4:30 this afternoon near mountain drive. it grew to about five acres. no buildings were damaged. the heat is starting to ease up but today was very hot. francis has more. >> good evening, everybody. we're seeing low clouds move in from the coast and that will bring relief for temperatures tomorrow because it got very hot
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today, sizzling in inland. 101 in lake port, 99 in clover dale and lots of hundreds through concord, fairfield, 101 in livermore, quite mild along the coast with 72 in san francisco, 88 san jose. current temperatures still in the 80s in some inland areas, 60 in san francisco and compared to 24 hours ago, we're quite a bit cooler. that's the trend that's going to continue to tomorrow and i will have your neighborhood numbers and when to expect relief, ama. >> thank you, francis. to the crisis in the middle east. hamas rejected an offer to extend a seize fire. still, the cabinet decided to extend a trust for 24 hours but warmed the military would respond to fire and would continue to demolish military tunnels. >> reporter: two bright lights
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streaking across the sky flashing, disappearing. followed by two loud explosions. hamas, which rules gaza said it fired the rockets aimed at israel coming at the end of a 12-hour humanitarian seize fire. it got people into the streets of gaza saturday. it was safe to venture out to get food and money. look at the line extending down the street to use the atm. there was also cleanup time, damage in some areas would take years to repair. the rubble is full of bodies. 85 were pulled out of this neighborhood alone and the injured taken by ambulance to egypt for treatment. volunteers delivered supplies to the israeli defense forces.
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>> we get under wears and books. >> reporter: 19 days of fighting have taken their toll. over 1,000 gaza residents killed, more than 6,000 wounded. israel has lost 42 soldiers and three civilians. war fatigue is cause for peace. several hundred demonstrators gather in tel aviv. >> doing a dance, military. >> reporter: the violent confrontation entering the 20th day. police have arrested a man with a violent criminal past on suspicion of murdering a woman and attempting to murder her five-year-old son. they responded to the home. they found the boy and his 40-year-old mother hurt from an apparentattack. her son is expected to survive.
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police spotted a 43-year-old around 9:00 a.m. and took him into custody. police say he knew the victims and is on parole for a burglary conviction. a plane made a fiery emergency landing on a highway this morning hitting a truck in the process. it happened 20 miles north of reno and nevada highway patrol says the plane hit the truck and caught fire. his single engine experimental plane lost power shortly after take off. the plane is registered to 51 aero leasing in cooper tino. the two people on the plane and the two people in the truck are okay. a huge crowd turned out to see northern california's running of the bulls today. not all of them were happy to see the event make the debut. nick smith has details. >> i talked my girlfriend into it. [ cheers ] >> reporter: we heard screams and tears, hundreds doing their
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best to get out of the way of the bulls. >> it was terrifying but amazing but adrenaline. i'll do it again. >> reporter: it's the great bull run and tomato royal, the day long festival designed to be a u.s. virgin of the famous running of the bulls. it the only bull run in california. >> i turned 50 and wanted to do running with the bulls in spain. i didn't quite make it, so i thought i would come do it. >> reporter: if you thought 50 was impressive, meet this 83-year-old. as the oldest registered runner, he was an immediate sensation on the track. there are more than 700 races on this track, the bravest jump in front of the bulls and take chances. the rest of us stand off to the side and this is as close as we get. not everyone thinks the race is fun and games. >> ex plowatiploitation is a pr >> reporter: she was among a group of demonstrators.
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they calling attention to what they say is the poor treatment of animals. >> this is not entertainment. this is violence. this is animal abuse and this event forces animals, the bulls into dangerous situations. >> we give them plenty of great fo food, water, shelter, care, everything they could possibly need as a bull. >> reporter: he's the event organizers and says safety records show, the runners, not bulls, are at greater risk of getting injured. >> if you're in the way, you get run over. >> reporter: one runner learned that the hard way. he was taken for neck, back and head injuries and for this 83-year-old vern. >> let's do it again. >> reporter: a sentiment shared by many here today. astronaut buzz aldrin is in alameda today. they returned from the apollo 11 moon landing mission.
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today is the 45th anniversary of the splash down. the vent showcased the roll in the space program and recovered the apollo 12 astronauts. he stopped by yesterday and spoke with wayne about the apollo 11 mission and what the experience was like on the moon. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, san francisco needs housing and the city has a plan to build thousands of low income homes, but is it realistic? we'll see a new outlook. why scientists are digging through dirt to help make
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for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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a new report says when it c comes to san francisco meeting
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the housing goal, it looks gloomy. a new city report says building 20,000 is obtainable but meeting the goal of 10,000 affordable housing units will be harder. affordable housing construction is hurt by federal subsidies as well as the disillusion of redevelopment agencies. >> to help get the most out of every drop of water in the drought, some ranchers may turn to earth worms. they are using them to purr fie water. when a rancher cleans out cow stalls, the water carrying manure collects into storage tanks and soaks wood shavings that absorb organic material. the worms eat the wood and what is left behind is cleaner water. it's good enough for farming. >> you have irrigation water you can use with trip irrigation, center pivots. >> if you're looking to cut back on water use to help with the drought, simple changes at home
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can help you save gallons of water every day. we have a link at up next, the super bowl of comic book conventions is back. a look inside pop culture and how it's paying off for the city of san diego. could we see relief from the heat? francis is up next with the forecast. a key member of the 49ers running game could be done for the season. meanwhile, reinforcements on the way for giants. he
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more than 130,000 people came to san diego for comic-con. it's about much more than comi s
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comics, it's an explosion of pop culture dressing as their favorite characters and sneak peaks hoping to build buzz. the event is a boom for san diego and generates $2.5 million and organizers spend $175 million while staying in the city. there are a lot of people in our city of san francisco this weekend. we have the marathon tomorrow, hopefully not too hot. >> it will get hot during the late morning hours, so some are getting started at midnight. live doppler seven hd showing low clouds spilling in from the coast into parts of the bay and here is a really pretty spot of the orange streak across the sky, what is left of the sunset looking west. so we've got high clouds moving in and low coastal clouds, aswe. san francisco 59, oakland 63, san carlos 68, gill roy 67 and
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half moon bay 57. you see a beautifully lit tower from the roof camera. again, some blue skies and the clouds, as well. santa rosa, napa 60s and quite a few 70s out there. concord 79 and livermore 78. this time we look out towards the bay and the bay bridge. so we had a stronger sea breeze numbers and that will continue into sunday and then high clouds also moving in overnight bringing slightly more humid conditions and good luck to the folks heading to the san francisco marathon. that's 54. 2 miles. into 5:00 and reaches 68 with partly cloudy conditions by the late morning.
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even before lunch it warms up due to the hot air mass that will bring high temperatures inland. warmer than average. forecast models show high clouds moving through and clouds along the coast. patches of fog overnight and sunshine tomorrow afternoon with the sea breeze and that will bring us numbers slightly cooler compared to today. overnight low s mild. 68 oakland and check out upper 60s. 67, 65 in san jose. so tomorrow, we might come down a degree or two in some areas, 87 san jose and santa clara, 92 and nice at santa cruz beach, 78 for you there. 8 6 redwood city. 72 and warm and look for upper 80s in sonoma.
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east bay numbers looking good. 75 in berkeley up to 85 in castro valley and inland numbers not quite as hot but upper 90s. 95 in san ramon. just a touch cooler with high clouds tomorrow, and then notice the trend downward into next weekend. we'll be ten degrees cooler, closer to normal seasonable numbers but 60s along the coast. >> thank you so much, francis. >> uh-huh. >> colin rush is in. i'm disappointed with the giants now. >> clayton kershaw is really good. >> i know. >> no-hitter this year, a cy young winner and don't the giants know it? tomorrow the giants look to prevent a series sweep by the visiting dodgers because today the former cy young winner was acquired in a trade from boston. he arrived in the sixth inning from tampa. the dodgers have as, clayton
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kershaw, former giant juan in the fifth line, the base hit to left, ryan vogue l song. punches out the side in fact fifth. a complete game two hitter. he struck out seven. in the sixth strikes again into right center. crawford scores again. giants shutout 5-0. the dodgers take first place in the west. >> sunny gray trying to finish july a perfect 5-0 and extend the win streak to seven games and would get it done. 105 degrees at game time in texas. john going to right. two-run shot. next batter, home return derby champ, same spot, 17th of the year, 3-1 a's and once gray had the lead, it was over. goes six and 2/3rds. he's 12-3. four home runs in the game for oakland. josh donaldson, solo shot.
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his 22nd of the year. 5-1 the final. nfl training camp is about position battle. the competition frank gore, it won't be kendall hunter. in 2012 he suffered a torn achilles tendon and returned to play all 16 games. hunter will miss all the games. long-term he's gore's projected successor. both games and hide talked about their fallen teammate. >> watching him at practice, how he carried himself at practice and executed at practice, but, you know, i'm going to keep between doing what coach ask me to do, come to practice every
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day, you know, give it my best. >> you got to try to play for him. get out there and compete and when i feel like i can't give anymore, i got to give extra for him, too. >> day two of raiders camp in the books. i was in napa yesterday and my priority number one was to get a good look at kalil mac. my assessment, he'll be as good as advertised. veterans on defense looking out for this guy. he has all intangibles, seems to be likable. he's smart. give him time to acclimate and look out. >> starting at the bottom right now. trying to work my way up. i got to get better. i can't give myself a grade. it wouldn't be too good but hopefully i can improve more. >> it will be a time when he'll be ready to take it up a notch. you don't want to overload with too much stuff. a lot of people from coaches and stuff like that, so right now, just let him get in the groove and we'll works.
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slow process. sandy barber is employed and hired as the new ad at penn state. she takes the helm at a school trying to rebound from the jerry sandusky scandal three years ago. barbara's old stomping grounds, memorial stadium packed today. tenth minute, madrid's garris, look at this shot. a young kid ran on the field to get an autograph. you don't do that, buddy. a crazy scene. the match would go to penalty kicks. a 3-2 winner. one final score for you, arena football. they are heading to the
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play-of play-offs. >> thank you. >> thank you. a taste of
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coming up tonight at 11:00, a swat time piles on to a commercial flight. what caused this intention reaction? the preparation underway and the traffic mess you can save because of tomorrow's big marathon in san francisco. tomorrow night. tourists in san francisco can get a taste of hollywood. a new movie starring the rock was filmed today. it features dwayne the rock johnson trying to rescue his daughter after an earthquake. unfortuna unfortunately, he was not at
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clay and taylor street. you're looking at stand ins during rehearsal. filming will continue tomorrow. the project has been shooting for the last week with scenes in western hill, fisherman's warp and at&t parks. that is it for abc 7 news at 9:00 for francis, colin, mike shumann, i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us. we continue online, twitter, facebook, all your mobile devices. see you at 11:00 on 7.
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